At the moment, if you’re using the mobile web outside your tariff allowance, you’ll pay 30p a day for unlimited use. Our unlimited mobile web access is subject to a fair use allowance of 25 Megabytes (MB) per day. If you go over that 25MB, you pay £2 per extra MB.

25MB as a rough guide is equivalent to browsing over 1000 mobile web pages, or about 50 game or ringtone downloads.

On 27th September our pricing is changing. From then on, if you use more than 25MB of mobile web in a day, you’ll only pay a one off charge of £1.69. That means you’ll never spend more than £1.99 a day browsing the mobile web.

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This change only affects Pay by Direct Debit customers and Pay Monthly customers if your bill refers to your monthly package as 'Virgin' if you are a contract customer or 'V' if you are a Blackberry or Liberty Sim customer. If you've received an SMS from us about this change then the change is likely to affect you!